Snow White in the Black Forest

The story you know and love comes to life in this classic fairytale.  Experience the humor and drama of this play filled with all of you favorite characters: Snow White; the seven funny little dwarfs; evil Queen Bella; King Absent-Minded; and of course the handsome Prince Goodhearted.

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Two Nights Before Christmas

The toyshop is a mess from all the Christmas shoppers as Mr. McDuff, the toyshop janitor comes to clean. He is tired and grumpy and falls asleep on the job. He doesn’t like Christmas and has no idea about the real meaning. The toys in the shop come to life and wake up Mr. Mc Duff and share with him the real meaning of Christmas through words and song. This festive play is entertaining for the whole family.

There are many wonderful parts for the kids and the music is so much fun, they’ll be singing the songs for years to come.

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