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“The Tale of the Princess and the Frog

The King of the Land of Larrabee was overwhelmed having so many daughters and not one son.

His daughters were always complaining about not having any fun. He decides if it’s fun they want it’s fun they’ll get.  The Kings favorite thing to do was fish, so off to the pond they went. His hope is that if his daughters know how to fish maybe they could attract boys and he’d have some fishing buddies. 

The spoiled oldest Princess only wants to play with her favorite toy, a golden ball, which she plays with at the little pond. The Princess knowing how much her father loved frog legs came up with a plan to befriend that pesky frog who is always trying to get her to kiss him. The Frog who really is a Prince and his servants, who were all cursed by the evil Hags of their Kingdom know he must convince the Princess to give him one kiss, permit him sleep on her royal pillow and allow him to drink from her golden goblet in order for the curse to be broken. The only thing is she hates frogs!


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