Loved the experience my daughter Sydney had and love the owner Janae who makes everyone feel special and teaches so many values and instills confidence while having fun!  Thank you for the opportunity and your positive mark you have made on my family and others Miss Janae!

Julie Baxter

Our family had a wonderful experience with Children’s Creations Theater! Janae Dean brings out the best in kids which, in turn, helps build their confidence and self-esteem. They learn how to take direction,  cooperation & teamwork, the discipline of memorizing lines, and the joy of singing with a group and wearing amazing costumes! My husband even had his theatrical debut at age 40!!

Ann Conklin

I loved growing up with Children’s Creations Theatre and really found my passion for acting within this small, local company. I gained confidence as a young adult and learned how to be a leader, work productively as a team, and made a ton of friends in the process! Janae, the owner and director, is truly amazing and always knows how to bring out the best in every child. I enjoyed the overall experience so much that I spent a few years as an intern learning about the business. I think this experience is one every child in Grand Rapids needs!

Claire Ryan

Children’s Creations is where I learned everything I know about acting. Miss Janae is a wonderful teacher and excellent at putting on these shows with kids of all ages. I was always pushed to perform to the best of my ability and learned important social and life lessons there, and it taught me lessons about responsibility and working as a team. It is because of Children’s Creations that I have been able to continue to pursue my love for theatre until today with productions with many different community theatre, including Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. I can’t recommend them enough!

Cameron Larson

Mrs. Dean is a great director and an excellent leader. I loved working with her and Children’s Creation Theater because she opened me up to great life skills and acting which I never thought I would do. Overall, I think my experience was fantastic and would recommend to anyone looking to have fun and learn.

Samuel Molina

Children’s Creations Theatre was a great experience for me. I know it might sound cliche, but it really did help me come out of my shell. It’s also very affirming to know that you have a certain role to play, and that the performance just wouldn’t be the same without you (which is a great life lesson for kids now that I think about it). So, theatre is great, but why Children’s Creations? A big reason for me is that Mr and Mrs. Dean really care. They genuinely want to see kids grow. As I said before, it was certainly a growing experience for me, and I’m sure it will be for you too.

Evan Cook

My son has been involved with Children’s Creations for 14 years. He has enjoyed every minute. His involvement with Children’s Creations really helped to build his confidence and self-esteem. Janae and her team do a wonderful job of helping kids grow and learn in a very warm and nurturing environment. They really appreciate the uniqueness of each child. Awesome people and awesome opportunity for kids.

Molly Morris

Children’s Creations cultivated my love of theatre throughout high school. I had the chance to play some of my favorite roles: Oz the “great and terrible,” Mr. Edwards in Little House, Uncle Billy in It’s a Wonderful Life. To this day, one of my favorite things is telling a story with a group of passionate actors, directors, crew, and of course an engaged audience! I’m grateful that Children’s Creations was there for me, and I’m glad it’s here for another generation of young actors!

Buddy Haskill

I absolutely am so happy I did plays through children’s creations, it really helped me grow as a person socially and emotionally. It got me out of my shell.  Made me realize I was capable of so much.  I also made some great bonds with friends that’s I’ll never forget! Definitely some of my greatest memories are from doing plays. The director and her husband were so helpful and kind and made it so you could fit in no matter what. They wanted you to feel you had potential and they spent a lot of time dedicated to making sure everything was near to perfect for you as an individual. You’re like a family with everyone from the beginning to the very end!

Alena Goerg

I was in a number of plays between elementary school and high school and Children’s Creations Theater. I always enjoyed the rehearsals and performances. I believe this time help me to develop confidence in myself. I am very comfortable with public speaking and often give presentations to large audiences. I no longer live in the area and hope to be able to find something this wonderful for my children when they are old enough.

Taya Radabaugh

I love this company! This place helped me grow in so many ways. I learned so much from Ms. Janae and all of her wisdom. I always felt safe, cared for and loved whenever I went to Children’s Creations and that made such an impact on my life. I look back and am so thankful for all of the wonderful memories I have. I did many different productions at Children’s Creations and was able to participate in many different roles. Whether I was on stage, behind the scenes helping with hair and make up or helping direct, I always had the best time. Thank you, Ms. Janae, you were and still are a great role model.

Haley Herbruck

Mrs. Dean does such a great job of working with young children to create a professional performance. Her example taught me about leadership, hard work, and commitment during my time of participating in her plays and I would highly recommend this theater to any young people wanting to be in a play or pursue acting.

Logan Hausler

Mrs. Dean is amazing! She really helped me come out of my shell and fall in love with theater. Through participating in her plays I was able to grow and become more confident. I will always treasure my memories and experiences through Children’s Creations Theater.

Aubrey Bobo

Children’s Creations and Ms Janae are an invaluable asset to our Grand Rapids community.  Both of my daughters took part in numerous plays and it was not only an enriching experience, but Ms Janae gave them confidence, taught them stage presence, and helped them learn how to be team players.  I highly recommend Children’s Creations.

Mindy Klein

I began acting in Children’s Creations when I was 10 and did so for several years after that, loving every bit of it. For me it was never about the part or even the show, but rather the community and friendships and fun that could be had on stage. Miss Janae is an amazing director and taught me several lessons during my time there from how to act onstage with confidence, to how rewarding and important hard work is, and how to work with and rely on others and be reliable in return. Children’s Creations helped begin my love for theater and I’ve been doing it ever since even now at college! I look back on the shows and time I had with Children’s Creations with such fondness and I would recommend them to everyone!

Avery Fetzer

Children’s Creations and Janae Dean have done so much for my son Andrew. He had never acted before and Janae was so encouraging that he decided to try out for his first play in 7th grade and he’s been acting ever since! Janae has a way of bringing out the best in every student she works with, casting them in the perfect roles for them, and teaching them values of leadership, confidence, and teamwork. I highly recommend this experience for kids of every age – it’s been life-changing for Andrew and our family has enjoyed watching the excellent productions that Janae puts together each and every time!

Kerry Blum

I grew up learning so much from Janae and Children’s Creations. It taught me confidence, social skills, the importance of sticking to commitments and team work, and public speaking abilities while also piquing a lifelong interest in and appreciation for theatre and the arts. I highly recommend Children’s Creations as a place for kids to build confidence and set a strong foundation for building lifelong skills!

Nicole Potter Rieth

Children’s Creations was a pivotal experience during my time in middle school. It taught me confidence, was a place I made some dear friendships, and also had the opportunity to be part of a rewarding finished product I got to be a part of. Great experience that holds many fond memories! 🙂

Tabby Sherk

I am beyond blessed to have my son Kayler working with Children’s creation and specially to have him under the leadership on Janae K Dean. She is an outstanding director who not only teaches the students acting skills, she also teaches them values that they can take beyond the theater. 

My son Kayler has grown in every aspect since working with her. He has grow to be a confident, talented leader. 

Thank you Miss Dean. We love you!

Maria Erazo

Both of my now young adult daughters performed in many Children’s Creations plays when they were younger. My daughter, Gretchen and I were just reminiscing a few weeks ago after seeing some little friends of ours in a Children’s Creations play (Beauty and the Beast) about what a positive impact performing in Children’s Creation’s plays had on her growing up. Gretchen wrote the following for me to post here: “Miss Janae creates a stress free and nurturing environment that is welcoming and encourages students to strive to do their best. I learned about self-discipline, how to work with others, how to speak up in front of audiences and felt empowered to do so. I remember looking forward to practices and the joy of learning with others through positive reinforcement and encouragement from Miss Janae and her supportive staff. It is a great place for children to learn and grow in their ability to communicate while having lots of fun!” 

Looking back, when I think about the many activities my daughters participated in, Children’s Creations was one of the best choices we made. I’m so thankful to Miss Janae and we always love it when we run into her around GR or see her at a CC play!

Gail Moore Mortenson

This is a place where your child will experience true acting firsthand, with the disciplined instruction and direction of a dedicated woman of Christ, who cares for the children’s passion for the performing arts, Janae Dean. She has a passion for working with children and has been working very hard over the years to fulfill the children’s dream of performing before audiences. Two of my daughters have been under the direction of Janae, through the school, under the umbrella of Children’s Creations Theater through the course of 10 years, and they enjoyed it every time.

Christina Vega

The annual play at The Potter’s House directed by Mrs. Dean was the highlight of each year, and sparked my passion for theater. Grateful for all the on and off-stage lessons learned beyond acting. If your child is interested in pursuing acting, I highly recommend Children’s Creations Theater.

Lydia Vander Stelt

Children’s Creations Theater has been a huge part of my life!!!! I have been part of Children’s Creations about 3-4 years. I don’t live in Grand Rapids anymore but if I did, I would bring my son there in a heartbeat!!!! I love the director!!!! she has been a huge influence on my life!!!! because of her I can talk to people!!!! Thank you sooo much Children’s Creations for everything!!!!!

Alicia Durga

We have worked with Janae Dean through Children’s Creations for around 24 years at both the K-8 and high school levels. That should tell you something to start with. Janae has done a yearly play at the elementary level that has always surpassed my expectations of what elementary and middle school students can do. Last year the guests said, “I thought I was coming to a middle school play that I would have to politely endure but this was what I would expect from professionals.” Lights, costumes, sound effects, back drops , music, and dance are all employed to produce a delightful experience. This is however not why we partner with Children’s Creations. We work with Janae because of what these plays do to produce character, self-confidence, speaking skills, self-discipline and teamwork. I have seen countless students blossom under Janae’s mentorship. Tomorrow will be dress rehearsal for our high school play, “You Can’t Take it With You!” I am eagerly looking forward to the impact that this play will have on our audience and in the lives of the cast. I give Children’s Creations my highest recommendation.

John Booy, Superintendent

Children’s Creations was the spark of my dream of becoming a professional actor.  Janae believes in each and every person to do their best and provides incredible opportunity to people of all ages.

20 years later, I am a professional singer, actor, dancer in New York City having appeared in numerous broadway tours and regional productions. I can still sing the “theme song” word for word.  I owe my foundation to Children’s Creations.

Children’s Creations is where I caught the “theatre bug” and my dreams were born. Cannot recommend this and Janae enough.  What an incredible theatre company. 🙂 TOGETHER WE ARE.

Brian Martin

Fantastic Performances. Amazing staff. Love watching my child’s growth in sure a short time.

Ann Holtschlaw

I am so grateful for Children’s Creations! I did a number of plays/musicals with them when I was younger and because of it I gained new qualities that I use daily in my life now! I love public speaking and have the confidence to speak and interact with people of all different ages. Janae Dean is a great director who puts on wonderful shows but more importantly cares about her students. So glad Children’s Creations allowed me to build up these skills, all while having so much fun!

Sara Johnson

FIVE STARS*****My kids have been in plays with Janae Dean who is an excellent director. She really pushes kids to be their best!

Marc Andreas

Great place for a child to grow and build confidence!  We love Children’s Creations Theater!

Angel Neitring Wilbur

Amazing Company, Great Value & Terrific Confidence Building Experience for both of my sons

Jeff Lobdell