Since the inception of the company, Children’s Creations Theater and Act II Theater for Teens has offered sponsorships to students. Our sponsorship program is an initiative that opens the door of opportunity for many children and families each year. The lack of financial resources is often a barrier that prevents some children from participating in our programs. This sponsorship program helps those students who want to be on-stage. Your contribution toward this program tells children that they deserve a chance to be on stage just like their peers. Should you choose to be a sponsor, your name or business name will be listed on our website.

  • 1 show student sponsorship – $250
  • 2 show student sponsorship – 500
  • 3 show student sponsorship – $750
  • 4 show student sponsorship – $100

Additionally, we welcome the opportunity for you to sponsor a show. Please call us to discuss the details surrounding this opportunity.

Student Sponsorships

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