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What is Children's Creations?

Children's Creations is a drama workshop for kids. Our programs are designed to build self-esteem in children well giving them an opportunity to express themselves through the arts. We focus on giving children a fun-filled experience in the context of a full scale theatrical production, while reinforcing the important life skills that parents are teaching at home.

What ages do you accept?

Children's Creations is for kids 4 and up! Adults and teens don't be intimidated by the word "Children's" we accept big kids too. We have many opportunities for adult and teen actors!

What is the time commitment for a play?

We rehearse twice a week for two hours each rehearsal during a 6-8 week period. We try not to overwhelm the child or parent with too many rehearsals because we feel that defeats the purpose of building self-esteem and creating fun lasting memories.

What if my child can’t make it to rehearsal?

We design our schedule with a few absences in mind; however, this is an important commitment. It is vital that all kids attend dress rehearsal and the show dates. If your child has a larger part attendance will be more important. Please communicate with our staff for special circumstances. We have a flexible schedule for your convenience.

How does your flexible rotating schedule work?

We strive to make our program as accessible and convenient for both active students and their parents. We rotate between meeting Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday. We then meet every Saturday. We also rotate the times during the week between 4:30-6:30 and 6:30-8:30 and the weekend times between 10:30-12:30 and 12:30-2:30. It may sound confusing at first, but we have found parents love this unique scheduling format and it is convenient for working around other fixed day events that your child may be involved with.

Are parents allowed to stay with there kids during rehearsals?

No, we do not allow parents to sit in on our rehearsals. We do this for a few reasons. We believe that children need to fully experience our program, and sometimes with mom or dad there they become a little shy. Also, we as directors have to act really silly sometimes--doing all kinds of crazy voices and movements. This can be just a touch embarrassing. Finally, we want parents to see the transformation of the play and their child into a character. It's a really great surprise that we want to remain just that, a surprise!

How can parents get involved?

We allow parents to participate in the play process by helping backstage, volunteering, helping kids at home, and fully experiencing the excitement of our shows. If you are interested in more information please visit our Volunteer page.

What does it cost?

It breaks down to about $5/hr. The tuition is between $180-$250 depending on the show and part. We prefer payment in full; however we are very flexible and can arrange a payment plan if necessary. This goes to cover 6-8 weeks of training. We also provide beautiful costumes, sets, and props. We then rent an auditorium for your child to perform in. This money goes to cover our business expenses and then goes right back in to creating new shows for your child and others to experience.

Are there any additional costs?

We try to keep our costs as low as possible; however there are portions that we must charge. Parents and guests are responsible for purchasing tickets which are $9 for each show. We offer a high quality video produced by professional cinematographers for each show as well as a photo CD which includes colorful, close up pictures of all the children. A single DVD is $35 and a combination of DVD and CD is $45.

What is the audition process?

Our auditions are designed for kids of all levels, experiences, and personalities. We pride ourselves at making children feel comfortable. We begin our auditions with a group activity to allow your child a safe first expression. We have each actor begin with their name, school, and age. After this we have the kids repeat after our director a few lines from our newest play. We want to get to know your child’s comfort level and willingness to project, make eye contact, and use character voice. We then may have them sing a simple song and do a few dance steps. If at any time your child would like to pass we allow that... it happens a lot especially with the boys :) We do not require prepared material. More information about auditions and times can be found on the Audition page.

Do all children get a part?

Yes, Children's Creations takes pride in the fact that we have never turned a willing participant away from our program. We want all children to experience the magic of the stage. The reason we have auditions is to build safe successful accomplishments for children, give them great theatre experience, and to help us with our casting process.

What will my child learn?

Your child will learn theater skills as well as life and social skills. They learn how to project their voice, eye contact, how to express with their hands, the three parts of the audience, character voices, singing, and dancing. Our program includes children from ages four and up which allows the children to learn how to interact with all ages. They learn responsibility from the memorization of their lines to being accountable for their own props and costumes. They gain self-confidence by learning new skills and implementing them in a full-scale production.

How can I get tickets to my family & friends?

Each child is provided with a ticket packet which includes 15 tickets. The tickets may be sold to family and friends and the excess tickets returned to Children's Creations. Tickets are also available at the door the night of the show. We start selling tickets 30 minutes before the show starts. Information about buying tickets can be found on the Buy Tickets page. We also offer a Flex-Pass package. For $35 (a savings of $10 over the regular box-office price) you receive 5 Flex-Pass Tickets. Flex passes can be used one at a time, all at once or in any combination. The passes are valid for all Children's Creations productions and are transferable to family and friends. The Flex-Pass is valid only during the season for which it is purchased. Shows and performance dates are subject to change.

Do we have to sell tickets?

No, ticket selling is not required. We provide the ticket packets for your convenience.

What happens if a child makes a mistake in the play?

That's okay! Our program is designed for a positive experience for the child. Mistakes happen even in live adult theater. We want to emphasize what the child has accomplished, not the mistakes they made. We celebrate kids having fun being kids.

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